Videoing your rides

Yesterday I was crept up upon by a massive truck and then blasted with a horn while they sat about 2 feet from my rear tire and then nearly cleaned up on a round about by a 4x4 that didn’t see me.
With the second incident it was lucky I didn’t have something heavy and handy or I would have smashed the car.
I’m in no way violent but sometimes the adrenaline fuelled ‘fight or flight response’ takes over.

Does anyone tape record their rides to use as evidence?
Could be played at my funeral etc.

Anyone got a good cheap viable camera recommendation?

oregon scientific - ATC3K/ATC4k/ATC5K. Self contained and pretty rugged. used it on my motorbike for track days. Self contained, can mount on ya bars, tubes, helmet.

I wore an ATC3K/ on my helmet for a couple of months earlier this year for a Monash Uni traffic safety study. I found it a bit cumbersome and the battery life was shit (a pair of AAs every day or so in my case, but I wasn’t paying for them). That model also doesn’t do at all well in low light.

All that said, my impression is quite a few motorists noticed it on my head and may have moderated their behaviour accordingly (I know for sure a handful did :D:p). HMC was on the same study, don’t know whether he got the same impression (feel free to chime in James)

There are other cameras out there, a couple that are cheaper and lighter that seem to be pretty widely available on fleabay - aside from the ability to record your rides in case of incident I’ve been tempted to get one for the visual deterrent effect. I’d probably be inclined to wear one on my head rather than bars so it’s looking at the same thing as me…

yeah, i used it mostly for track days, 5 x 20 minute sessions, so daytime use only. So i cant really comment on long term battery life as well as night time quality.

I do believe the newer models are better, and the ATC5K also has a screen so you can see what its shooting and playback i guess, albeit slightly bigger.

Guess it comes to your budget in the end.

you should buy one of those tony hawk helmet cams, i had one a while back was pretty fun for skating at times

there was a 60 Minutes piece about a month ago that showed commuters mounting their mobile phones to their handle bars, hitting record on the vid. function and off they go. I guess it all depends on you vid. quality on your phone, and how you mount it etc.

watch it here- Vicious Cycle