vidya games for winter

this is real puma

(anyone else resorting to digital stimulation in the cold snap?)

Vectrex, hell yeah!!

i am sure the X-Box 360 Fixie game is just around the corner…

(sad but true, hipster action ‘sports’ sell as video-games. 12 Tony Hawk titles and still going strong)

There is a game that just came out for PS3 where before you were a superhero… you were a bike courier.

You always have the messenger bag on.


inFamous is really good, well worth the outlay :wink:

I want a Wii, someone sell me one they don’t use!

Infamous is fkn sick. I was a bit iffy about buying it… but damn I am glad I did. Playing it on the good mode, nearly finished that then I will turn evil and fry everyone. Mwahahaha.

Don’t want to get all nerdy, but i play PS3 a fair bit… if you want, add me PSN: ezylee

Don’t get a Wii… they are rubbish. They are good for all 2 hours.

not if you get zelda. best series ever. new mario was disappointing. as was mariokart wii, too bright and cute and stupid.

i have a ps3 too, which i probably play more -> resistance 2 and fifa09 for life

The first Buffy game and The Warriors on X-box and Lego Indiana Jones on PS2.

That’s all.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare on PS3 has gotta be my best game for just the online play.

I pretty much play for a few hours before I go to bed. I don’t watch TV because there is shit all on so its just what I do. My first console was a sega master system 2 and I have had every generation console up to this day.

Only wanna play Mario Kart. Have played far more than 2 hours of this and it is still good.

will add you tonight :wink:

Mashed (PS2, xbox) for party fun driving game, NFS:MW for ‘career’ mode fun… Tony Hawk is always good too. GTA:SA is still a winner for me, maybe cause i haven’t played GTAIV yet.

Wii would be fun for some stuff, but serious games on the xbox360 will probably make it my next purchase, and only $250 secondhand from ebgames.

Eve-Online mainly though~

make sure you become friendly with them, you will be doing a 360 and taking it back pretty soon :smiley:

id rather that than buy a ps3 and turn 3 degrees and take it back to them… wait wat :wink:

not really, i think the ps3’s quality speaks for itself, a good friend of mine works at an eb, and they recieve a couple of 360’s back EVERY DAY due to rrod…

plus the whole fact that the 360 is nearing its potential with games like call of duty modern warfare2 actually reaching its limits and forcing developers to look for other ways to get around the 360’s struggling hardware ;)… and yet the ps3 is FAR FAR from its :wink:

but its ok you will just have to upgrade in a year or two if it dont break before that :wink:

just sayin :stuck_out_tongue:

the only thing that would make me consider a 360 is forza3, which looks not too bad, but still wont look as good as GT5 :stuck_out_tongue:

weve got enough fukn helmet and red light fukn threads do have to start a xbox vs ps3 debate?

anyway i was playin half life 2 recently and noticed how the Citadel looks like Eureka tower.

everytime i ride to the city now i just see the Citadel. A bit creepy.

You are a sad, sad man…I can’t fuck’n beleave that you live over my side ‘o’ town

cough PS3 cough

no we dont, just stating some facts :smiley:

what did u think of HL2 orange box?? i’d rate it up there as one of the best games(HL2, HL2 EP1 and HL2 EP2, lol) iv played

and portal is unreal :sunglasses:

Anyone play the call of duty games on PS3?

My new video game just arrived in the mail today!!!