vigorelli, mash

does anyone here own either? i can get a new vigorelli framset for $750 with shipping. seems like an awesome deal, so wow me and tell me whats good/bad.

I think I saw them on wiggle around that price and around the 1300 complete.

pls use the search function.

yeah thanks for heads up… found nothing but bunch of pictures and nothing actually about how the bike rides. just a bunch of crap about people asking about front brake drilling and how they hate the colour scheme…

bummer. i’m sure there was more conversation than that. pm horatio, he used to have one. or hermes.

Yes you are correct, good deal considering the components that come on it.

I ride a Mash, and its great. I sometimes ride it on the track. Some people don’t like it but i guess each to their own.

The Viga and the Mash have different geos, so you might want to check that out before you make up your mind!

Sorry miss read that. Thought you where asking where to get one

I actually found a 5% code for PBK, works out at $720 for the 2010 cinelli vigorelli frameset. steal!

If it’s good enough for Kanye…

he moved on man
he’s missing out

i’d like to see the after photo from that when he rides off and gets his shoe lace caught in the chainline