Viking Track

Hey guys,

Finished this build the other day, although there are still a few parts I want to change up in the long run.
Frame is Viking (formerly Alien). Very happy with it overall, will take better photos when I have access to a camera that isn’t part of my phone.

Frame/forks: unpainted Viking, 53cm c-c
Stem: Nitto
Bars: Nitto b123 w/ soma grips
Seatpost: Dura Ace aero
Seat: San Marco Regal
Wheelset: Phil Woods to Mavic Open Pro
Cranks: Sugino Mighty
Chainring: Sugino Mighty 50T
Sprocket: Surly 18T
Lockring: Phil Woods
Bottom Bracket: low end Shimano (to be upgraded)
Chain: SRAM PC-1


Such a nice classic build, well done

Nice man, nice and sleak.

sooo slick, nice work.

Don’t get it dirty!

Nice, I like it!
The open pros give it a nice classic look,
What about pedals? :wink:

Thanks. Haven’t fully decided on pedal setup yet, currently running a very temporary setup from my other bike.

Thats really nice, I was just checking out the Alien bike site today, that pointed me in the direction of Viking cycles.

Very nice post. This will help possible client to get a quality person.

unless i’m mistaken, this person’s account should be deleted

Yup, your right… and Blakey beat me to it.

Anyway, super nice, classy build.

Classic example of “less is more”

i love it! the vikings are so clean and pure.
where did you get your wheel set., or ebay, same dealer just cheaper from his website.
I prefer the Open pros to Dura ace, with gum walled tires, cheaper and a bit more classic.
Other than that, very nice build, all the good bits.

Finally got around to taking a few photos:

Have changed out the Dura Ace seatpost as it was a tad too short, not fussed running a no-brand one until a bargain comes up.

Went the reliable pedal setup: MKS Sylvan with MKS clips.

Been riding it heaps recently, couldn’t be happier with it. Although, perhaps without the 3 - 4 people who have thought it’s a bianchi pista with the stickers removed :frowning:

Very nice.

How light is the frame?

Only crit, if I was to have one, would be the Gators. Gum walls would make it just that bit more classic IMO.

awesome job … just polish those sugino mighty’s now!

Looks good.

+1 and stem too.

damn looks good as.
did the steerer tube come cut ? or did you cut it yourself?

Thanks guys,

  • I haven’t got around to weighing it but it’s lighter than I expected if that’s anything to go by.

  • When I have the time I’m definitely going to get around to polishing the cranks/chainring. The images are quite deceptive as the stem is already polished, must be a bad angle…

  • The steerer tube was already cut.