Viks - Steele Urban Bicycle

Viks - Steele Urban Bicycle

Like a softride, only the wheelbase lengthens the fatter the rider.

daverlj got scooped.

Only the finest things come out of Estonia.

Ha! Completely bamboozled, I clicked on ‘About’ for answers which starts like so: “Viks was born in a small cafe…”

and ended with “Why it’s called Viks? Well in estonian “viks” means classy, gentlemanlike and at the same time it sounds “fixed”, like fixed gear…”

And It’s been funded by the Euro union development fund. I hope he sells heaps of bikes and employs people because it seems like a bit of a gamble.

Weight: Around 5kg

It looks to me like its made from old school play equipment. Bent and welded into a weird shape.

Good luck, Estonia!

Exactly what came to mind, especially the yellow one