Viner complete roadie for the giraffes..

seems like a pretty good deal for the tall buggers in melbourne.

guess it was to tall for him to …checkout the seat.

Hey nice bike- it’s the exact same paint job as my Viner!!! :smiley:

I noticed that when I was searching for content on Cromor. How is your Viner going? What did pay for it IYDMMA? This one is my size.

Not at all- bought it on ebay last year frame only without headset- for only like $150.00.
In this case it does have half-decent running gear Ultegra 9-speed- if that’s your thing or not. Wonder what hubs they are?

It’s not a ‘bargain-bargain’ but it’s not a bad price either. This frame size doesn’t come around everyday does it?

I can recommend the frame- performs well and you gotta love the Tron decals.

Main motivation :smiley:

Nah, you’re right, the frame size is the main reason… not seen often and especially not in Italian frames.

Anyone here jump on this?

Damn, you missed this huh?

No, I didn’t miss it… I was tempted, but I don’t need it. Plently of 61cm+ steel in the front room already!

enough steel in each bike to make 1.5 bikes for me. talk about poor allocation of finite resources…