Viner road bike.

So I finally finished this (well 98%) on Monday night.



Viner Columbus Cro-Mor frame and fork
Cinelli Criterium bars
Cinelli stem
Tange headset
Shimano SLR brake levers
Shimano 105 brake calipers
Mavic GP4’s laced to Shimano 105 Hubs
Shimano 600 cranks, shifters and rear derailleur
Campagnolo front derailleur
San Marco Rolls on cheap seatpost
MKS pedals and clips
Christophe leather straps
Schwalbe Durano Plus tyres

I just need to connect the front derailleur cable and it needs a new cassette.

Thanks to -tim for pretty much building the whole thing up!

It’s damn fun to ride!

Looks fantastic JTN! And shallow box-section rims look the part don’t they?
Good tyre choice too BTW :slight_smile: Although be aware they are heavy-ish over long distances (in case you get all weight-weenie on us)

Who’s JTN? :wink:

But yeah, I’m pretty hapopy with it.

I can’t see myself worrying about the weight of the tyres over long distances… yet.

Stuck some 3ttt bars on it today for some town-bike fun.

Viner by Verbs & Nouns, on Flickr

Viner by Verbs & Nouns, on Flickr

All you haters suck my town bars.

Couldn’t help yourself, could you!

Looks awesome

you shoudl take the gears off and put a track wheel on the back

i loled.

Haha, no.

I originally had the bars set up with old Shimano aero levers, but I just couldn’t get them to sit right. I need to the shim the brake levers on there now though, they slip a little bit.

I was inspired by this Serotta I saw on Prolly.

Great job ZTN. What is the name of the 3T bars you have used- priest style?

New bars are radical.

I like!

Not sure. I have no idea what model they are, and a very brief search on teh interwebz didn’t help. I bought them from someone on here.

3ttt town bars by Verbs & Nouns, on Flickr

The Map Ahearne and Nitto Jitensha bars are very similar though, if you’re looking for a set of town bars.

Spewin’ I sold my Aerospoke.

Spewin’ I sold my Aerospoke.

Makes for a cruisy looking ride position.
How does it actually feel, as compared to the previous set up?

It feels more “whippy” with those bars on it, but good. I’ve only ridden it twice set up like this… and one of those times was drunk (oops). I’m keen to see how it’s going to be tomorrow on the way to work.

Yeah… sounds about right. The few times I played with different bar combos on steel road frames, the real difference was felt when doing an off the saddle sprint. changes the steering geo and leads to a far more exaggerated whip. Give us an update after a week of trialling.

Eddy Merckx Corsa Ragazza

Found the paradigm example of this ethos.

Yeah, it’s awesome.

I love the hater comments.

This really makes me want to hurt someone…

That poor bike.

Couldn’t agree more. I’ll never understand why anyone would put riser bars on a racing frame. If you want a comfy, upright position get a sportive frame. And don’t get me started on wasting that groupset…

So how are you finding this setup JLN?