Vintage B&W cycling photography

Hey all

I’m looking to track down a boatload of old nostalgic vintage B&W cycling photography to use as reference material for an assignment… and also because most of it is really nice and I’m sure other users here would love to see some.

I figured there were a few people here that may have some better prior knowledge on some image libraries than me, containing some of that B&W gold…

No set criteria, it can be anything cycling related. Bikes/Cyclists/Shops/Parts/Action Shots… it’s all good!

if you can help out by posting links below that would be great, if posting images, a source (if possible) would be great to keep tabs on everything.


OK, I’ll start :wink:

so far this one is wearing the yellow lense cap

Aldo’s Pic of the Day

this blog might be useful to you is full of vintage pic

Vintage Track Bikes: June 2010

this pic is pretty cool

its interesting how they had their forks back then

Google has created access to images from Life magazine’s archives. Search for “bicycle”, “bike”, etc

here’s the link:

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google

^^^ Oppy could barspinz for dayz


one of my faves

its not a old thing, we still do it now. Its used in motor-paced events, also known as stayers racing. Although im pretty sure the sport is dying out. Reversing the fork and having a smaller front wheel gets you right up close to the pacers roller, also note the huge gearing for max speeeeeedz

Historic Photographs from the 19


Dublin Wheelers Cycling Club - Dublin Wheelers Cycling Club - Historical Photographs

North Cotswold Cycling Club - Photo Gallery

Classic lightweights photo gallery 1

oh cool yeah i saw some photos in that blog of them doing this

Not cycling specific, but check out

thanks for all the input guys, some great new links for me to whet my appetite!