Vintage Bike Catalogs

Good resource for old bike catalogs and a whole bunch of other stuff:

Bike Pictures on

Mark Bulgier is/was a frame builder and lovely guy. This is already outed in the help section (under The knowledge) btw :wink:

^ I didn’t think I’d get anything past you, Spizz. :smiley:

You should also check through here …


^ God. That Somec catalog.

I like the plastic bike. There’s the future :wink:

There are so many good things about the Plastic Bike catalogue.

The typeface, the bar angle, and some pretty rich copy ha:

“We would venture a wild guess that if you were shot with a 45 caliber bullet at 25 paces the result would be quite damaging. Unless you were the original Plastic Bike of course. Little things like bullets don’t bother it much”

Thanks for the heads up guys.

good lord they are ugly, and the drive train is on the wrong side (or did they flip it photoshop?)

reminded me of a mate refers to all carbon bikes as ‘glue bikes’

Allow me:

of interest to Blakey …