Vintage Campagnolo Chorus Group

This bike room is becoming a baby room…

Vintage chorus group:
Campagnolo Chorus Vintage Groupset Gruppo Record Retro | eBay

that be some good pics San

very good pics indeed. mirror outside?

Yeah, I thinky fyxo used to do it… it looks good as well as showing exactly what you are selling.

The old mirror technique nice work!

A bit of an epic stuff up by me… I went to start wrapping up the groupset on Friday and noticed I was missing one brake calliper. I spent several hours tearing up the house and couldn’t find it so decided to end the auction early. In my haste and using my phone, I accidentally ended the auction for the frame instead of the group. After digging through the garage for most of yesterday I found the calliper - no idea how it got there, but seems suspiciously like the result of my better half’s “out of sight - out of mind” approach to cleaning.

TLDR: Group and frame will be relisted tonight.

Ok… it’s back up:
Campagnolo Chorus Vintage Groupset Gruppo Record Retro | eBay

er… $400 would be good buying and it’s only $220 at the moment. eBay giving me the shits - where are the bidders!

lurking on sniper sites, they’ll come

It’s a buyers market these days, tell me about it. You are shipping international? This usually gets the interest of the crazy European/Asian collectors.

Yeah I listed it on US ebay, timed to finish on their Sunday night. Bigger market, all that jazz. I sold a campy headset this week for $99, maybe I should can split it apart and sell. Won’t be happy to sell for less than $400… Am I being unreasonable?

Fark you make more effort than me. I recently sold my DA7400 groupset to a guy in China. Follow the money.

Haha… Well you said it… Buyers market, gotta follow the money. Ended up selling locally. Should have sold it in 2011 when the vintage road bike market was a bigger bubble than US housing.