Vintage Campy pedals advice

Re-Post - I have posted this elsewhere, but am super keen for some help.

Campy SGR Pedals.

I am looking at a set of NOS pedals on ebay, about $230. It is a bit of a lashout for me but I am thinking they will maintain the theme of 1990’s era Campy C-Record groupset. Problem is I have read some not so nice things about them.

Specifically, very heavy - refered to at the “brick” This doesn’t really bother me as I am a proud MAMIL. Also reportedly difficult to clip out.

What are peoples thoughts and opinions? What would be a good alternative?

waste of money. unless this build is complete period build going into a cabnet and not being ridden.

Yeah I agree, just run modern pedals, I’m a full groupset nut but I run speedplays on all my bikes,
No one can even see them, there easier to get cleats and much more user friendly

Which pedals? Pics?

Speedplay zero’s I own a titanium set a stainless set and a chromo set.

Ok, so putting the SGR’s aside and considering modern. What about sticking with campy?

Consistency across other bikes is not an issue as the stable is weighted towards MTB’s, so it’s mostly XT’s for convenience (I know, I know, sacrilege) but I am pretty lazy guy and not to perturbed about looks.

This build is my exception. Early 90’s Italian with Campy C Record and willing to have to have dedicated shoes.

Im a campag nut, I dont ride there pedals.
Just ride look, shimano or speedplay.
Look are great bang for buck.
Keo classic can be grabed for a great price.
You will be flat out to find any one riding campag pedals.

I’ll echo what others have to say here: style wise the older pedals look cool but modern pedals leave the old stuff for dead. If you wish to stick to Campy the current/recent Campy Pro Fit pedals run nice and work with all modern road shoe (triangular bolt pattern style) shoes. I use a set a few years back and enjoyed the firmer springs/entry/exit pressure.

Even though I am a stickler for classic looking bikes I’ll readily admit that for brakes, pedals and tyres things have come a long way and the old stuff isn’t worth using except for taking pics of and swapping for modern stuff.