Vintage FG/SS

Not as nice as some of the recent bikes, but something a little different.

Picked up this old thing from a local guy, boys over at BNA have dated it to be Pre WW2 because of the headset, 28" wheels, Philco brakes, seat post bolt, stem etc. Rear hub is a Flip-flop fixed/free, obviously i went fixed :smiley: but nice to have the choice. A little more digging and turns out to be a locally made bike by ‘Star Cycle works’ here in Perth, built by a ’ Wal Chinnery’. If anyone has anymore info id love to hear it!

Pics of the bike

The build

Primer and some ‘cherry red’

Clean and regrease hubs, bottom bracket and headset, and rebuilt.

Still need to find a suitable seat, and waiting on some cotton bar tape. Ill probably re’install the brake as well.

keep you boys posted :slight_smile:


yeah, the brake is kindof fascinating.

For one horrifying moment there I thought you might put deep v’s and a pair of sugino messenger cranks on it.


Nice work! I really like the badge… some timeless design right there.

Beautiful bike.
Great job on restoring it

LAM - Yeh, need to still clean it up, theres actually no brake holes and its attached by a bolt and a metal plate behind it basically squeezing it in place.

Cellardoor - Nah man, nothing modern on this one. Im gonna keep it as original as possible cheers.

Ezy - Yeh, i love ther badge too, i first thought it was a MalvernStar :roll:

BundyBoy - cheers mate, theres a lotof dings and dents, but for something thats circa 1930s-1940s, i think she came up allright.

Im using a seat of my repco untill i can find a decent deal on a brooks or bell saddle.

will keep you posted boys.


Still been pissin down over here with some awesome winds, so not much riding.

Got my Cat-Eye cotton bar tape, quite happy with how they look and pleasently surprised on how they feel, best of all, they were nice and cheap :mrgreen:

Also spent a little time cleaning up the brakes and levers, the plastic cable housing was cracked and in pretty bad shape, so just electrical taped it for the mean time. Havnt installed it yet though.

final piece of the puzzle (bar installing the brakes). got me a bell leather saddle, believe their aussie made, i think it suits the bike quite nicely, and are pretty damn comfy.

unfortunately ive put the frame up for sale to fund my other build, ebay item number: 220453891901 for anyone in perth interested.

cheers jase