Vintage Fixed Gear Project (Universe Frame)

Hey guys,

managed to pick this frame up for a real bargain today, she’s pretty old, I’d guess at best its late 70’s - early 80’s. no serial numbers or ID on it apart from ‘Universe’

Does anyone have any idea about this brand? where it was built etc?

Also there seems to be a seat post bolt that connects the seat stay to the seat tube, interesting…

would love to hear any information anyone has, here’s some more pictures

Give Universe Cycles in Parramatta a call.

Older than you think, more likely 1950s with dropouts and stays like that.

Doesn’t look like much in terms of quality or lightweight construction, but in very good aesthetic condition. Not a racer’s frame. Whoever put that stencil on the seattube was pretty rude.

  • Joel

yeah not sure if im going to go ahead with a build, thinking about selling it, open to offers.

it’s a roadster frame like this VINTAGE BICYCLE MENS ROAD PATH SINGLE SPEED | eBay

I recently sold this

given that your has no forks it’s not gonna fetch a great deal.