Vintage Ishiwata Fixie. (Rolls, Miche, Velocity, Nitto)

Even though I don’t really have the money for it, I am so freaking tempted.

Vintage Ishiwata Fixie. (Rolls, Miche, Velocity, Nitto) | eBay

Looks the goods to me =D
anyone on here?

Dont like the top tube, looks like that super thin tubing could fold at any minute

Those TT dings… No sir, I don’t like it.

Yea now having a look at it, seems like a bit of a death trap.

Death trap for sure. but almost worth it for the parts

“Please note that there is two dents in the top tube, They do not effect to performance of or integrity of the frame. (check the last photo)”

Hate it when people say this…

That stem is rad, the dents, however, are not.

that is definitely worth it for parts. and I am sure you could sell the frame on here or ebay as a beater for $100?

I hate it when people take a photo of the bike their selling with the crankset facing the wall. Man that TT is damaged.