Vintage Rally

So my dad is a pretty keen restorer of MGs and one of the things that he loves about it is the chance to take them out on rallys, it gives the cars a chance to be used and admired and he gets to meet people he otherwise wouldn’t. Got me thinking that this is something that would be great to do with bikes.

So, with that in mind - is anyone interested in getting out their classics that aren’t used enough and going on a group ride sometime soon (while the weather is nice)? All bikes welcome - roadies, track, tourers, etc. Great chance to see everyone’s nice bikes in the flesh and get some inspiration.

I was thinking that Sunday the 20th of March would be great, as it is during the long weekend and may provide a good chance for a beer or two afterwards.

So a cruise on pre 90’s bikes?
With beers afterwards?
I’ll be there on my Gitane!

isn’t the public holiday the weekend before that? labour day on the 14th? hope there isn’t 2 in a row, i work in a cafe mondays and public holidays are fucked!

Oh snap - yep my bad! Maybe the 13th then? Unless there are other group rides? Haven’t checked yet.

OMG yes!!! I have the most beautiful vintage bike in the WORLD! She’ll knock ya socks off i promise :slight_smile:

any more info on this?

Postponed - But keep an eye on the fyxo website…

After the 24th of March please :wink: