Vintage remake> 1.5

just decided to post the first bike i ever painted… i tried to make the bike look vintage with the bronze colour, but then take it a little hip with painting the lugs and such and getting a decent seat made.

nice work on the lugs dude - I did the same on one of mine, it’s worth the effort.

but did you just rattle can the entire bike? headset, cranks and bars included?

needs a beer basket up front

yeah, i set up a full spray booth in my garage, sandblasted the frame/forks then used a sander to do everything else…

yeah i was thinking that, but i dont want pansy girly one,

also where were you on sunday for polooo and friday night right?

friday i got real lost in the city, sunday we caught the train back from freo but everyone dispanded cause we were tired and jedd got a flat in north freo. bought a polo bike so ill be there next sunday

Cool lazy geo roadster frame! Nice paintwork!
Why’dja fuck it up with ugly modern rims/wheelset?

what else can i put on?