Vinyl stickers

Has anyone here gotten vinyl stickers printed and cut? Recommendations on places that make durable stickers and don’t mind doing runs of ~30 stickers?

A friend designed me some frame stickers a while ago, but I’ve been too poor to get some done until now.

I got mine from Velocals. There’s a guy here in Australia that does it that’s supposed to be really good but I sent him some files in various formats but he kept saying they were no good. Maybe it was my problem, but Velocals handled them fine.

This was for one set only. They might do a deal on bulk though.

Thanks Pete, I’ll give them a go.

Looks like they only do decals, which would be nice, but more ex-y than I was hoping for. Do they do vinyl as well?

Oh. I don’t know. So not for bikes then? I thought decals =/= vinyl.

Someone must know who that Australian dude is eh. Google helped me find it.

You’re thinking of greg softley/cyclomondo

Dude, go into your local sign shop… they can all do what you want. By the sound of it your after print + cut digital (happens on one machine) with a UV laminate… par for the course with almost all signs these days. If it’s only one colour then drop the print and the UV part and it should cost less that $50, if it’s the digi option some shops have a minimum 1 square/ lineal meter rule but are usually happy to stick it on the side of another job as a lineal generally retails at $150@ 1200mm wide. Got a picture??

Great, thanks. Can you recommend any particular sign writers? I’ve read that there’s a bit of variability in terms of thickness of vinyl, quality and durability. I’m keen to get some good ones.

Nah not unless your in Brisbane sorry. Tell them its for outdoor use, will see lots of sun and you want the goos stuff… in the quantities your talking it will make stuff all difference to the price.