Me and Handsome James may have a day in Brisbane in a few weeks. We’ll be bikeless and day tripping from the Gold Coast, but we may drop into Gear or something.

define “in a few weeks”

We fly into the Gold Coast on Wednesday 10th of March (next week). Not sure what day we are going to Brisbane.

just chuck it up when you know what day, or just head into the city and hang round post office square, your bound to run into some riders there :wink:

I’ve got plenty of spare bikes at my place if you guys want to borrow some? I’m not too far from the train station either if you get the train from the Gold Coast.

We might hit you up for that, but we might have our girls with us too.

But thanks for the offer.

How long is the train from the Gold Coast to Brisbane (roughly)?

90 mins, roughly.

usually most trains are 6 carriges long… :slight_smile: