VISP $999 BIN... douche!

Custom built black fixie road bike - ex condition | eBay

“You wont find another like this.”

Technically, he’s probably right. You won’t find another VISP at that price.

To be fair though, it does have “black fixie flat bars”.

should resize the pics a bit smaller. took up all of my screen.

Yes not only a very shit bike but can’t zoom into the detail of the shit bike.

if i was his BAWS i would have fired him for putting that blue chain on.

this made me lol. “Very light bike to ride and extremely fast”

It’s the Stupid bike - blue chain = looks stupid, untrimmed fork with spacers above the stem = looks stupid, BMX cranks & chainwheel = looks stupid, short stem = looks stupid, back brake & no front brake = is stupid, price = stupid (although it’s always possible that there’s a neo-hipster out there who’s also stupid enough to actually pay it).

on what planet are Visp’s light?

I’d be happy to put a wager on the fact that some moron will purchase it

I dunno, I thought peak stupidness was when someone paid big money for that bike with the broomstick handlebars, anyone remember that one ?

If that sells, keep an eye out for a Repco shitter at $999 (with free post to anywhere in the world chucked in), cos I’ll be building one up!