Vitesse (or McSomething jnr)

My new steed. After the loss of my last baby the only resolution I could find was in building something worthy quicksmart. So with some searching around and some good deals from some good people, here it is___

I’m stoked to have another frame with that sweet Davis fork crown

Measurements are: ST 59 c-c, TT 57c-c. Tange Champion No.1 tubing and Tange fork blades, Shimano UFP 10 track ends and drop outs.

Campagnolo Pista 165 Crank (drive side) with Campag 52 teeth chainring. 165 Strada crank arm on the left - whatever. Izumi gold chain. Big thanks to Rolly for the crankset and chainring combo.

MKS GR9 pedals (Soma straps in the pics but I’ve got Toshi doubles on there now - I value my life)

Velocity Aerohead rims laced to Miche hubs. Courtesy of Hos from Robocog.

40cm Cinelli track bars and 120mm 3ttt stem

Shimano 600 seat post and Selle Italia saddle of some description

It has in gold paint ‘Vitesse’ (french for ‘haste’) on the down tube and ‘B.W.S’ (aussie for ‘beer, wine and spirits’) on the head tube. EDIT: In a bizarre moment of serendipity I met the builder of this bike. It was built in '84 for the Bicycle Workshop (now Bicycle wharehouse) by a bloke named Peter Campbell. Pete also worked for Cecil Walker and Hillman among others, and after a long hiatus is returning to frame building.

It feels real good to ride - super stiff and responsive. There’s a few things I’ll be changing though, like changing the sprocket to a 19 and adding a shorter stem and rizorz for commuting. I’ll be uploading better pics when I have it how I want.

Oh and just for the record, the colour matching is pure coincidence, really.

fuuukk i love double crown forks, love love love

smooth build mate, nice job.

In before ‘it’s a mcbain’.

Very nice btw!

mcsomething ‘junior’? Looks a fair step larger than the old one. None the less, really digging the black and white bits! well done.

Bigger, but younger!

hmm, were you riding this on flinders lane, turning onto elizabeth about 4:30 today? i was riding beside you briefly, on an f.moser roadie.

sweet bike anyway.

Yeah man I trailed you for awhile whilst really admiring that f.moser. Also trying to pick up the Victorian road rules

looks good man!

Looks good mate, glad to see it back out on the mean streets!!

Cheers mate, didn’t realise you were on here!

Thanks to oldpuggler also for the frame, pedals, stem, bars, seatpost and saddle

Very clean, very classic and very nice.

Personally, I’d go for black tyres (better quality, choice & value) and black bar tape (more practical) — but that’s being really picky, and doesn’t detract from my envy. It looks like a really sweet ride.

I totally agree with you on that one, and it is happening. Tape and tyres came with the parts and will do for now, although the duro on the front is really balls - it wont even inflate over 100psi.

Paying job > then more spending. Gotta stick to my rules!

Oops wrong thread!

Very nice man!

Looks like a really nice frame. I had one that appears similar… It also had tange champion tubing. I regret selling that frame, it was so nice to ride but I’m not what is was that made it so.

Seeing as this thread was suddenly picked up again, I thought I’d post up some updated photos. All that white colour matching is thankfully looong gone.

Don’t know if it’s the reason, but I really rate Tange Champion no 1 tubing since buying this bike. I hope the new owner of your Paino appreciates it too!

Needs rizors.

I would put yellow tape and saddle on this, because I am like that.
But I have seen this IRL, has stance, swagger, all that shit. Lpve

Nice build! Hos (Robocog) is a legend. Dude is a close friend of mine, and he’s taught me a lot when it comes to tinkering with my bike. Have you seen his new frame he’s building up???

I don’t mean to sound like an arrogant douchebag, but vitesse means ‘speed’. French is my first language and i can confidently say that in this context (your bike-something that’s moving-has wheels-you know what i mean), it would mean speed.
Once again i apologize i’m not trying to be an asshole here, just thought i’d chime in.

One nice clean build. Though i love it with the old tires.

^ Hos is the man! The dude helped me out so much when I put my first Fixedy together, back when Robocog was just a garage space out the back of a shoe shop in Surry Hills. Such a welcoming and friendly guy, as is Jed and the rest of the Thai bicycle mafia in Sydney.
The bike in question is th that crazy webbed Kerry Hopkins right? I saw that just after he bought the frame, it must be moving along now.

Yeah, I knew ‘vitesse’ translated to ‘moving at speed’ or something like that, good to know the correct translation. At first it led me to think that it was maybe a French frame, however I’m now very sure it’s Australian built, French influenced.