Vitus 992 frame/fork - Perth Gumtree - 56cm

the guy dosnt know too much about it, low ball him.

Vitus 992 Dural Fixie frame 560TT 550CC | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Stirling Area - Osborne Park

Very cool, but the fact he may not know too much about these means I’d prefer to buy in person and check it out for myself.

worthless without the seatpost, otherwise it would be mine already.

Worthless? Nah

What post do they use?
If they run a standard 25mm I have a 7400 da one.

I thought they used the wacko quill post.

anyone pick this up yet? seems like a steal! I’ve got an ssc groupset waiting to go on something.

I can weld stick, MIG and TIG…I’ll make my own seatpost :wink:

They do

Haha, the stick weld seatpost, AKA the slagpost

moser! moser!