Vitus and Moser on Trading Post

vitus bike frame - Margaret River - WA - $ 450.00

F Moser Road Bike - Seaview Downs - SA - $ 1,100.00

bah, too far, and too big.

The Vitus has been up for a while. Nice though:)

nothing is too far in a company car! Perfect for my old man! But i want to go for the sentimental angle first!

Even though I’m a Vitus fan I don’t recommend them in the taller sizes.

how tall is tall spiza?

i think the one in the ad is about a 56, maybe 57 top tube max.

Oh, that’s Ok … most Vitus’ and Alan’s bigger than 58cm tend to be a little too light and flex a little too much for taller riders. Not that flex is bad, its just that the frame is no longer a nice balance like on the smaller sizes.