Vitus BMX

My pants growed a bit looking at this :cool:

Peugeot Vitus 979 BMX Bike. | eBay


Considering the CX scene has been sold out, BMX might be the logical progression… :slight_smile:

looking for a replacement for your recently pranged roadie spirito?

That is sweet

Wonder if they made a BMX Carbone

Yeah (sad). I’ll just have to wait till the right length fork comes along and I’ve found another MA40 rim with only a few miles.

wow this could go nicely in my bmx collection

What part of this bike is the ‘transmission’?
Apparantly it needs ‘attention’.

But I also agree think that this is awesome.
I love it!!!

oh, so it was just the fork and wheel that was fucked? i got the impression the frame was cactus too.

glad to hear it’s not!!

Looks that way. I haven’t put the bike up in a stand and will do so soon. Hopefully the rest of it is fine. Will take it all part and make sure all else is good.

The two-way radio.

here’s another one for the BMX fans…

MONGOOSE MOTOMAG | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Melbourne CBD