Vitus Carbone Track

Why does this come up Now…

Always wanted one of these but alas no cash…

Vitus Carbone Track Frame (French Pista) | eBay

want. my size aswell.

such nice angles,
to small though :frowning:

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is my old frameset (sans decals). Either way, unqiue, a very nice ride and possible to run a rear brake with.

what’s it made of?


That is nice!

It is carbon tubes bonded to alum lugs… So nice… I haven’t even seen another with track dropouts. Other than spirito’s

carbon with aluminium lugs, not a combination I can say I’ve seen before. What’s the reputation like?
Other than being real nice, is the performance increase that noticeable?

Want. and my size.

Edit: I cant’ see a seatpost bolt. Is that because tightening it could damage the carbon, or the bond between the carbon and aluminium?

something similar here… Alan Carbon Fixie Road Bike 52cm | eBay

Im gonna go for the Vitus. Just have to find a way to get up the during the week. Wish it finished a day earlier and wouldbe no drama.

Peachy on rotorburn?
Check your pm’s. More than one way to skin a vitus.

The Vitus Carbone I had had a 25mm quill type seat post… They come
Up on eBay often. Campy made one as well

I might still have one at home I will have to check when/if you win

Columbus multishape takes a 25mm one aswell I have a dura ace one I will be getting rid of as soon as a Graf a campy one

Most ALAN’s, Vitus’, TVT frames are like this, same as early LOOK’s, and even TREK and Giant did the same.

Extolling or even trying to measure performance and attribute such due to materials on the interwebs is both silly and dismissive. The best I can say is that I like it and I know many that don’t.

re: seatpost bolt - IMPORTANT !!!

This frameset takes a 23.something mm seatpost with an internal expander wedge such as is pictured below (tightened from above). That the seller doesn’t show much in the way of pics is almost criminal and without such seatpost you are gonna be in for a tough time trying to build it up for riding. I’d make sure it comes with it - otherwise you’ve gotta start browsing on ebay France for a long time.

I still think it’s my old frame minus the decals. Haven’t seen any others and I know it was resold by the guy I sold it to about a year or so ago. Same size and also looks like it sports the same Stronglight headset.

Just to remind you guys this one takes a 23.something mm post with an internal clamp mechanism. I’ve just been informed by the seller that he’s selling the seatpost on a separate auction.

What a total fucking knob. You can’t use this post with any other frame and you can’t use the frame without any other seatpost. I’m all one for making money but as he makes no mention or shows any pics of the specific nature of the frameset I can only assume that he’s a dumb ass penny pinching mofo.

Yeah I got that message back from him yesterday. I asked for the price of the seatpost and he didn’t/wouldn’t give it to me which kinda pissed me off. He will probably put a ridiculous pricetag on it once the auctions over and its definately needed.

Its the Donald Trump of bicycle flipping.

He’s now including the seat post in the price.

who sent the abusive message… lol

my guess is spirito.