Vitus Dura 979 52cm (syd)

Vintage Vitus Dural 979 Road Bike 52cm | eBay

here is another at $350 starting price.

this been relisted three times now, looks like he dropped the starting price by $50…

I’ve bought from him before. He is a good guy.


I heard that these Vitus frames are really noodly cos the aluminium they are made of is heaps less stiff than all other aluminium alloys

Seriously though do these come in ridiculous sizes like 62cm+? with all the talk of these on FOA recently I’m kinda curious to ride one (not actually pay for one mind just take on for a spin)

i’mma ban you frogman.

Wish it was a little bigger.

^ Hi Mrs Spirito!


Touchme !!