Vitus - Shimano 600

Vintage Vitus Dural 979 Road Bike 52cm | eBay

phwoar … if it was a 54cm I’d be all over it. Red’s the least common colour of these frames.


Now that is a nice bike. Someone buy it and join the FOA lugged alloy aficionados.

^ Has yours even seen daylight this year??!

Good question: I bollocksed up the wheels first time around, have rebuilt one, need to do the other. With current circumstances, it’ll be a miracle if it gets on the tarmac in the next 12 months…

I’ll donate the timber bike-mount-shelf thingy I built, if it gets mounted on the wall under the stairs, maybe!

my bro has the exact same bike(except frame colour) 600 and everything, bought it for 100doras of a mate at his work, proceded to put flatbars and bmx pedals on it… told him i would take the all the 600, would take the frame aswell but its tiny like a 52/1.