Vivalo Pro Special

after 4.5 trusty years I finally found a crack in my white Bosomworth, I retired it and decided not to ride fixed until something came up in my size at an affordable price… after about 4 months this little gem was offered to me and I jumped at the opportunity.

Here are some pics and specs. hope you guys like it, it rides beautifully.

Frame & Fork - 57cm sq Vivalo Pro ‘Special’ - Red with gold/multi flake
Headset - Dura Ace
Cockpit 1 - Cinelli fillet brazed Pista stem to Cannondale Fire rizorz
Cockpit 2 - SR Royal Stem with drillings from previous owner to Nitto B123s
Saddle - San Marco Rolls
Post - old unbranded alloy polished up
Cranks - Sugino 75’s
Chainring - Superbe
Cog - Roselli
Chain - Izumi
Pedals - Shimano 105 pedals / MKS Sylvans with Soma Doubles
Rear Wheel - Araya SuperAero laced to Miche Primato Pista
Front Wheel - Gipiemme Tecno 416

so you were flintstoning it for like 4.5 years?
but seriously, looks sweet. that frame is so sick. dig that selle stem too!

Nice bike!

I have a SR Royal stem with the same/similar drillings! I thought they were custom at first as well, but this confirms that it must have been some factory job!

love it with the drops, Nice Paint and wheels.

Ace build dude!

Deadset, this bike is so shit.


Needs more metal flake.

Does it can do a skid?

Lovely ride.

psst: Sakae-Ringyo’s gonna have a problem with you calling their Royal Super Light (SR Royal SL) stem a Selle Royal (they make saddles).

Does it come with a GPS transmitter for finding it after a long night at the alcohol establishment?

sweet ryd brah


nice! where did you get that araya from?

Nice… But no one rides NJS anymore… Wait, are you riding it ironically?

But seriously, this is really nice.

^— no riding, just walking?

so when are you enjayessing it? you should definitely use the drops all the time and then i’ll buy that stem off you :wink:

What’s the brand of tyre on the right wheel?


what size crown race do you usually run on it

IS this the one that was in Saint Cloud or maybe Bryce’s?
Sweet ride, millano stem and MTB rizorz is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… yeah

Damn. That is a good looking bike. I also prefer the drops.