Vivalo Special - NJS

Hey all,

Just new to the forum, but I thought I’d quickly share a build I’ve just recently finished.

This build has taken me just under 2 years to complete – for the most part the frame camped under my bed collecting dust, I also made the pricey decision of picking up all new parts so pieces were few and far between… regardless of the damage to my bankroll, it’s up and I’m pretty happy with the result.

I’ll aim to put up some detailed snaps also.

Frame: Vivalo Speciale NJS

Headset: Shimano Dura Ace HP-7410

Crankset / Bottom Bracket: Shimano Dura Ace FC-7710 (170mm) / Shimano Dura Ace 7710

Pedals / Straps: MKS RX1 / Toshi Doubles (not pictured)

Cog / Chainring / Chain: Shimano Dura Ace 15T / Shimano Dura Ace FC-7600 / DID Pro Track

Handlebars / Grips / Stem: Nitto B123AA / Strong V / Nitto Pro AA Jaguar

Saddle / Seatpost: Kashimax Five Gold / Shimano Dura Ace Easton

Rims / Hubs / Tires: Mavic Open Pro Silver 36H / Shimano Dura Ace HB-7600 36H / Continental GP4000

ouch… my back…

looks nice though

yup lol…

great build, like it a lot

Sweet ride holmes. For the track?

Longest curation ever?
Sweet looking bike

Looks like the wait was worth the back injury. Lovely!

kudos for the paitience in building, very classy.

wouldnt matter even if you didnt ride it, id happily hang it and stare at it.

That ST angle is awesome.

Nice colour. I’ve got a similar frame but in dark grey.

Yeah, bit of a back breaker - I give it a couple of weeks before I switch out the Jag for a pearl.

I’ll use it for commuting, but yeah I definitely have plans to get it on the track! I’m building up a 2nd wheelset (tub) which should hopefully be all set for next track season.

Ha! no doubt a while in the making - I kind of lost motivation to build it after I collected the frame, it wasn’t until I sold my previous track bike that it kicked off the movement to do something.


Looking good bro!

You remembered the bike stand but forgot the pedals?!

Nope, just chose not to include in the photo.

rightly so. i fucken hate pedals.

they are just dead weight

A few more detailed pics…

The frame is even better up close.

oooh, nice.

though curious about the saddle - what’s it like to ride?


Very sexy!