Vivalo Special summer of 2008 build.

Fairly average photos taken at dusk of my newest, pretty bicycle. I haven’t ridden it in anger, i can barely touch my knees at the minute, cos reasons, but it’s done some hot laps of the neighbourhood and tis a good bit of fun. The frame was bought as a 56 st/55tt, pretty sure the top tube is 54, but that actually suits me quite well (i have no torso).

DA 7610 Hubs (with DA cogs/lockrings) to araya golds, 7610 cranks/chainring, Nitto Steel b123 NJS bar, Nitto Jaguar NJS Steel Stem, DA7410 Easton NJS Post, Kashimax Five gold. HKK Vertex new racer chain.

Beautiful. Bar/stem angle, tick!

Fuck yeah!

not as good as Prolly’s purple Icarus

Fucking good.

This has awesome in all the right places.

Risers pls.

Kit pls

Very good


Banger! NJS <3

Out of curiosity, did you grab it from NJS export? My Bridgestone was 1cm shorter in the TT than listed as well lel.

Fuck yeah. Makes me want to pull the Samson out… and not ride it.

Oh shit, this is hot.

is nice! miss my vivalo.

thanks for the words people, its definitely a favourite.

nah, got it from pilgrim cycles (8pilgrim8 on ebay, actually bought nearly all of it there excluding the seat from you and the post from hungary), i’d rate their packing at 5.5/10 (order frames on their own is my tip), but they post quick and the stuff is pretty cheap if you bundle it together to avoid getting screwed by postage.

my exact feelings right now.

Perfection all round. Ride it lots!

Very, very nice. Quality all around.


Actually my favourite bike posted on here in a long while.