Vivid Fest. is a lot of fun (even without drugs)

We went for a look/see and apart from the big crowds Mrs. Spirito & I had a lot of fun and were pretty impressed. Also reminded me how Sydney can really turn it on … mild winter night, full moon and a whole lot of cool displays/installations. My pics are feeble compared to what what our eye’s saw, get along if you can :wink:

More … including my favourite (milk crates) !!

One of the best events in Sydney, having worked on some of these artworks before (despite the hit and miss nature of some entries) it really is a great way to see the city.

EDIT: the Milk Crate work is a by a good friend of mine, great to see some young architects going down some other creative avenues.

Awesome pics! I went last year and it was great. Keen to go again this year (will just catch the end!) :slight_smile:

Those ZIPP logo’s don’t line up perfectly… Fucken’ clarence street, man…

Haha … love the hatin’ !!!
This was the first view I’ve had of Campagnolo EPS. It looks dumb imo

Checking it out tonight. and that merckx is sweet.

Went to Vivid tonight, took a few average photos. Customs house and the opera house are the highlights. Nothing else really worth seeing. Not as good as when I went two years back.

Untitled-10 by #lordayplease, on Flickr

Untitled-3 by #lordayplease, on Flickr

Untitled-9 by #lordayplease, on Flickr

This is my favourite photo of the night, from the light tunnel thing:

Untitled-7 by #lordayplease, on Flickr

More photos on my flickr if you’re into that.