VO elk hide bar covers

Elkhide Sewn-on Bar Covers, Hand Cut

Hi all. Anyone have experience with fitment and usage of this product? I feel it may be a bit thin, so was contemplating using some sort of padding underneath, but not sure if it’s necessary or do-able (and what i’d use).

Any suggestions?

Not to bad to ride with, I haven’t used them on my bikes but have for them to customers bikes at Gear Brisbane. Easy to fit. My only advise would be use a good adhesive otherwise they tend to slip a little.

Have also fitted a pair at my shop. When we fitted them we wrapped the bars with a section of cloth bartape just to provide a little extra padding and something for it to grip on. Relatively easy to fit. Once you get the sewing process it’s super easy. Just takes a little while but not all afternoon. Similar to Gypsy, I haven’t actually ridden with them so can’t comment on how they feel/age/etc.

with the cloth bartape, did the overlapping of the tape show through the leather?

Nope. The finish of the leather wrap was super nice and smooth.

I’ve fitted them on to 6 or 7 bikes and ridden them extensively on 3 bikes of my own. They’re OK … they feel nice, look great and once you get rolling they aren’t super hard to fit. But … even with the backing tape I’ve had my bar tape drift out of place and roll around. Either the were cut too big or the leather varies greatly … I had one side perfect and the other side loosened after only a few weeks.

I don’t need padding nor do I have to wear gloves but your mileage might vary. I do think that thickening up the bars might help them from loosening up and might even suggest using some double sided tape as an under layer.

I really like the product but if it doesn’t stay in place as I experienced on 3 bikes I personally rode (day in, day out and on extended tours) then I can hardly say I recommend it. And yes, I had them fitted correctly, snugged up as tight as the leather would allow but the leather had stretched and was easily twisted out of place making it more than annoying.

I’d suggest Di Pell leather wrap as a better product (much better than Brooks). Well made, and made here in Oz (tanned in BrisVegas, made in Melbz). Costs a bit more but you’re not buying a product made by exploited labour. It’s a wrap in the traditional sense and not stitched but the DiPell goes on very well, looks great, feels good and seems to last very well in my experience.

Can also recommend DiPell, had on my porteur for half a year, no slip, my friends Brooks tape has needed all kind of trickery to keep it fixed, bad adhesive!

Can third what has been said about the DiPell tape. That stuff is killer awesome! Shame to hear about your experiences with the VO stuff Spirito. It looked super nice. Shame about the slipping. Guess it’s not a super tricky fix though.

Those are some weird cue sheets…

Because it’s leather it’ll come from all different parts of an animal, and like I said it was inconsistent. Some parts were perfect but others stretched more than other areas. I’ll need to cut the leather down and perforate new holes so I can resew them on and ensure they’ll be tighter. A lot of this also comes from moisture from hands and from normal use.

As regards DiPell it’s made from one continuous length for each side of the bars unlike Brooks which is stitched around the middle, just where the brake levers are and the Brooks can tear/split when stretched and being fitted (and you do need to muscle the leather a little when fitting). It’s also nicely chamferred on one side and wraps/overlays very well, the backing tape is excellent and to mind it’s the best product of it’s type.

I’d like to like the Velo Orange stitched bar wrap but it’s inconsistencies mean that I won’t be buying it again. Sure it looks cool, feels really nice to the touch and is fancy detail because it has to be stitched on but not worth it imo. Below is another pic from a different set or bars/wrap that started to stretch/loosen and move around.

mikeD: I don’t have cue sheets so I’m happy to rock pics that I found inspiring and/or have no significance :wink:

Oh yeah … a few people who I’d discussed stitched bar tapes with had suggested that Ralph J. Carnevale from the US was doing some better quality bar wraps in a leather and suede finish. He ebay’s his stuff but has a website with some of his products pictured. i haven’t used any of this stuff myself.


Another vote for DiPell tape.

Bought some from Rooster about 6 months ago. An impulse buy, but definately have not regretted it. Comfortable durable and looks shit hot.

EDIT: isn’t there a fella that works for Gary Blackman Trimming in Richmond that does stitched grips

+1 on the DiPell stuff, had it for the Kumo. Had to change hood postion, so it’s not on there anymore (on track bike now).

Another option would be Busyman.

thanks for the tips folks. i’ll try the VO product with some cloth bartape underneath, and perhaps some additional spray adhesive. it’s for the wife’s bike, so it won’t see huge kms.