Volume Cutter

Its fucken heaps sick aye :smiley:

looks sweet, look forward to seeing in the real skin.

Its the opposite of a GHOST BIKE. :slight_smile:
Partlist needed…

Frame & Fork: Volume Cutter 56cm
Cranks: Shimano Saint
Wheels:Velocity Deep V’s
Stem: Thomson 70mm
Bars:1inch rise 31.8mm cut down to 50cm
Saddle: selle italia
Chain:Black halflink
Pedals:Time Atac
Grips:ODI O grip
Chainring:38t truvativ
Tyres:Conti Gatorskin Ultras

Nice setup, nice spec, my kind of bike. How damn rad are saint cranks?

It’s pratically excatly the same as your bike.

Yea they don’t flex at all :sunglasses:

Like I said, my kind of bike.
But a bit nicer.

Looks great, very similar look to Karlzi’s bike that has survived enormous punishment.

The fork looks like a pencil dick though imo.

Yeah i think this is the only thing that lets down the frameset (i guess its more of a personal thing)

The Cutter frame with a pair of the FBM forks would be so fucking sweet though.

The Volume Cutter Gen.3 has a different fork which you can purchase. Called the FU MANCHU. Its 700c barspinable and looks like a rigid MTB fork, cept with Voume graphics and logo cutouts.

Yea I might have to invest in a fumanchu I think this one is starting to bend already :oops:

wow…great feedback. maybe post up a photo of your bike and we can nit-pick the hell out of it.

what, you can’t find any other fault than to point out the fact that you don’t like the forks?

what’s the point? I’m confused… :?

very, very strange world we live in.

nice bike. enjoy it and ride it mate

Supermanlegs is another Brisbane rider. He’s taking the piss dude.

OMG ive been look for one of these for ages.
Where’ you order it from…how much :mrgreen:

i think kenny bought his online, but i know for a fact that in the next month or two volume will have an australian distro for their fixed gear stuff :wink:

oh, ok. no probs

Still trying to get my head around online sarcasm!


And I should know by my age it’s not fair to mention small dicks.

Looks great.

Very freaky. was just looking at your photo in a bike mag on saturday :slight_smile:

What mag is that? I only think I have had my name in one