Voodoo single speed.

After fucking my old Hillman road frame(and a few others on between) I though I’d build something I could smash off gutters:

Thomson stem and post, XT cranks and brakes, White Industries rear hub, Centaur front laced to CPX33’s.

I LOVE it.

Very nice Erle. What’s the gear ratio?

See…I told you.

so good erle

I had a moment the other day while I was smashing it across a park thinking to myself, Nick was right… Haha that didn’t actually happen, but you were on the money.

I’m running 44/18 so 66 gear inches.

very nice build
the wazoo rules

hey erle nice job
is that a thomson elite stem?
if so do you mind me asking where you picked it up? wiggle had them at a decent price but they have been discontinued and only have 130mm length available i was after something shorter… and bsc has some version of it but its almost 200 bones :x

Try Aspire Velotech. Depending on clamp size they’ve probably got what you need.

what size tires are you running dude?

Here’s a close relative, Erle. I don’t think I ever took pics when it was a singlespeed.

Holy shitballs Nick! that looks amazing!!!

Adzbro, I’m running 35’s.

Yeah it’s great. It’s a 2005 one so it’s 853 and vertical (non-sliding) dropouts.

And surprisingly, I’ve discovered that Cosmics can take a lot of punishment :slight_smile:

This one’s got 40mm tyres and there’s still room for more!

And I’ve been doing a great job resisting the temptation to buy another one but you’re fucking that up now :wink:

I bought the Concorde on the proviso that you would buy another Wazoo!

Erle’s adjustable dropouts are trick. You definitely need one.

I guess I’m out of excuses? Will people raise their eyebrows at me for having two SS CX bikes?

Anyone wanna buy a Pompino?

I might be getting a new fork if you want a Voodoo number for your new frame?

Well it does put you ahead of the curve on the new trend.

And you’ll be able to sell when the crosstadex peaks.

I think you’re my kryptonite Erle.

wheels looking huge
nice ride