Vuelta a Espana 2012

For those battling the post Tour and Olympics blues, the Vuelta starts this Saturday with a team time trial in Pamplona.

The course this year features:

[li]6 flat stages[/li][li]13 mountain stages (with 37 mountain passes)[/li][li]1 team time-trial stage[/li][li]1 individual time-trial stage[/li][/ul]

If anyone is going to be there, would love to see some photos/get some reports of what it is like.

sbs are showing the following dates live from 11.30pm:

Sat 25th Aug - Mountains
Sun 26th - Plain
Sat 1st Sept - Mountains
Sun 2nd - Mountains
Mon 3rd - Mountains
Fri 7th - Plain
Sat 8th - Mountains
Sun 9th - Plain (final stage)

Fuck that’s going screw our sleep patterns

Thanks for that Rolly


this is like the tour but not good.

“They should have the Tour, right, but where the riders can use all the drugs they want!”

“They already do, it’s called the Vuelta a Espana.”

heaps better than the tour, alberto is there

and also the mountains are mental… eg the bola del mundo which is absolutely amazing

are you kidding, watching break aways get caught just before the line day after day makes for good viewing.

mountain passes are for chumps.

arranging for some food poisoning.

There’s only one TT in this, which has a hill in it. Is this PURITOOOO’s one and only shot at a grand tour?

that is not even funny.

I hope Jurgen VDB can pull this one off. I couldnt bear it if froome won, Contador…him either.

Mine still haven’t recovered after the TDF anyway.

what I’d like to see

  • Igor anton make it this time
  • Some action in the mountains
  • I don’t wish ill of Contador, I just hope everyone else does really really well.

What I think we’ll see

  • Igor Anton boned from day one on the TTT
  • GC contenders really go for it. This year’s vuelta is wide open
  • Contador dissapoint.

Well this looks like a Grand Tour worth watching after the borefest that were the Giro and Le Tour.

Love him or loathe him, Pistolero makes for good racing.

God Bless the Vuelta.

Let’s hope so!


No-one into the Vuelta enough to notice (among other things) Green Edge won a stage last night? Top job Simon Clarke! Valverde hit the deck in a bit of a pile-up just as Sky conveniently upped the pace and dropped him, causing him to lose 55 seconds to the main contenders, and Purito is in red!
I don’t like seeing anyone crash, but I have no sympathy at all for Valverde. Not sure if it’s solely because he’s a returned doper or what. Anyway he stormed the Sky bus afterwards.
I guess Purito is having the last laugh after his silly finish-line faux-pas yesterday.

Yep, this has already been more entertaining than the Tour, and we’re only three stages in. I was loving Contador’s attacks on stage 2, and great to see Greenedge get a win last night.