wacko french track - Ganolo Pista

Spotted Elswhere: Original build/price sheet, very unique frame style and lots of cool French parts made by Cycles Laurent (infamous: google 'em). $1900usd


I’m selling my 1982 Ganolo Pista.
Tis is a really rare frame (specially the pista version) made by Cycles
Laurent in Paris.
Size is 53/54 and tubes are Reynolds 531.
Unfortunately the frame was re-sprayed by the former owner but the job was
really well done by a professional.
As you can see on the pics, this bike is virtually NOS.
GANOLO pictures by fredxanadu - Photobucket

Here is the parts list :

BottomBracket: Stronglight
Crankset : T.A pro
Pedals : Maillard
ToeClips : Maillard
Straps : Christophe
Saddle : Turbo Speciale
SeatPost : Campa
HeadSet : Stronglight
Stem : Philippe track
Handlebar : Philippe track (steel)
BarTape : Tressorex
Rims : Mavic MA2 pneu
Hubs : Maillard 700 pro track
Tires : Michelin Dynamic
Chain : Miche

Price : 1900$ . Feel free to send me any questions via email

Holy crap - I am in love with that frame! Lost for words.


It’s almost an optical illusion, were there many frames built like this Spirito?



Something a bit more normal

Love the 3 arm crank. Fits the quirks of the ride.

On a side note, I think that bike should come with a tyre pump that is curved in the same way as that seat tube and can be attached to it. That’d be awesome.


this frame is at a friend of mine.
if you want more infos tell me.

to have seen the bike in real, it s a fucking nice one.

the american flag one is also at a friend of mine in Paris.

Ganolo was the brand of the cycles laurent shop in Paris.

well if you need anything for this transaction or wanna make an offer, i d love to help

Small world :wink:

I hope your friend finds the right home and I think the price is quite reasonable given the condition and rarity of some of the parts. Not for me, but I’d be happy if someone here in Oz were to buy it.

// re: Fred’s email … does he work at the club Respect in Paris?

What size is the american flag one?

You mean the Dr Zues frame? :slight_smile:


Very funny !!! Spelling? You’ll get there :stuck_out_tongue:

straight to the Futurist Bike Pron folder. it was looking a little spare (the folder that is).

the american one is almost a 53, but now modified with horyzontal drop outs. respect is no a club in paris, it s some events in clubs, and fred is the boss of it yes.

Straight up WANT.

Looks unusually but somehow unstable… Any stories of the frame breaking?

never seen one broken…but there s only a few of them so…