Wallpaper International Bike by Kinfolk

It’s 2010 and Wallpaper have finally jumped on the fix-ie bandwagon:

Wallpaper* Handmade: The Products | Interiors | Wallpaper* Magazine

H+Son rims on a travel bike?

damn thats a nice bike!!!

hmm, foot retention, bar angle, seat angle…

seems like yet another bike put together just for looks

Funny how such a simple thing like the seat angle can make or break the look.

yeah, i s’pose the little things like seat/bar angle etc are things that would’ve been picked up straight away if someone had actually ridden this for 2 mins instead of unpacking and assembling it in the photography studio for a quick snap.
im still confused as to why they ‘commissioned’ this anyway, perhaps it will fit in nicely hanging on the office wall?

team Wallpaper* are committed urban cyclists. So committed that we commissioned a bike that could be broken down, packed in a bespoke bag and loaded on a plane, with no excess baggage charge, and taken with us wherever we went.

Goatee stroking jerks.

^ Oh ok makes sense, now they can easily fly it between the London and New York office walls

and local cafes and exhibition openings… come on, we all secretly want this life

Not me, I love women :wink:

well, duh, it is wallpaper magazine after all.
the bike is fucking ugly, i seriously thought something like wallpaper might have been able to “commission” some “coolhunters” to “curate” a much more attractive “collabo” than this cobbled together garbage. proof that money can’t buy style.

i can’t believe that noone amongst the hordes of sycophants that would have curated/styled/art-directed/photographed this shitheap doesn’t ride a “fixie” and thusly realise little things like seat angle, clips, bar-ends

i cycle to local cafes and exhibition openings, you don’t need to be Tyler Brûlée or have fuckloads of cash to do these kinda things.
much the same way you don’t need a $5000 ugly fixed gear bicycle to look like a twat when shoving a spok on on any old shitty conversion can do that for you instantly and at a much lower price.

Disappointingly, this bike ‘curation’ appears to have been designed by the trackosaurusrex himself!

trackosaurus rex - More Wallpaper!

Mint looking bike!