want to work as a messenger?

hours are 1200-1730hrs, mon-fri.
maybe 0900-1730hrs on friday depending on work load.
also extra hours to cover other riders time off.
hourly rate of pay is $18.25 / hour. non commision.
you will need your own bike, a good bag, a good general working knowledge of the CBD, and you need to not be a complete muppet.
the working knowledge of the city isn’t essential if you are capable of learning your way around pretty quickly.
if/when the work load picks up, the hours will increase.
you will be working for a national courier company, and dealing with major clients on a face to face basis, so if you are an idiot, you’re gonna get a kicking.
all work is radio despatched, so you don’t need to phone in, but you will need a cell phone for when you can’t be reached on the radio link.

you start the moment you pass the interview.
pay period is monday to friday, pay is direct deposited into accounts on wednesdays. that’s it.
basically you are going to be replacing a complete tosser who has cost us a bit and whoever replaces him needs to do a good job.
if you are serious about it, you want the job, and you aren’t a muppet, either email me at lupine128@sluggy.net, or sms on 0405 007 890 with a contact number. put messenger job in the subject of the email or i’ll delete it, and put the same thing in the sms or i’ll ignore it.
don’t bother asking for different hours, or a few days a week or crap like that, this is what’s offered.
once i’ve spoken to you, if you seem ok, i’ll put you in touch with the company.

sounds like you’ve provided all the pertinent info. Those hours work perfectly with my uni schedule, but the commute is a bitch.

good luck.

  • Joel