Le Tour de France - The Official Videogame

I think Dylan has this. He thought it was a DVD and then found out it was for Xbox.
EDIT- Double checked and he saw it but he doesn’t own it.

shut up, dick!

In the same way that Vice City solved all my real world murderous instincts, this would solve all my real world training habits.

Hahaha I did find this, and I thought ‘fuck, this is weird’

Saw this in JB, then a man who was on a JB sales person decided to tell me that, it’s like a racing car game, but with bikes it was also more “skillful” than a racing game and more strategy is needed.

I then watched and favouited this YouTube video, its like an hour long and decided I do not have the patience nor $98 to spend on a Tour De France game.

I don’t think i have the patience with this game…

i’m thinking of getting a PS3. if i do, i’ll get this and you can come play it.

thanks man. but we both know we’d ditch it after fifteen minutes and switch back to mario kart.


Can you attack in the feed zone? Or do virtual epo?

i’m going to find a hack that’ll allow me to use yoshi for the mountain stages and also allow me to blast one of those red-shells so far up contador’s butt that he’ll be chunding clenbuterol soup.

can i drop banana peels in front of jan ulrich? there’s a man who would hit the ground hard.

needs more phil liggett

I’d like to jam a bike pump in Contadors front wheel !