Wanted - Bike storage solution

I’m sure you all know “a friend” with this problem: Too many bikes in the garage.

In my case there are six bikes. 1 is on the wall. 1 can lean against the wall.

This leaves 4 bikes that need a place to live and i can not drill holes in the wall. Solution needs to be cheap and reasonably strong. There is floor space available but not ridiculous amounts. Please discuss.

^ Are your rafters exposed? I screwed a sawn off broom stick to mine and hung my bikes from the saddle. Cheap. Strong.

some of these?

I am going to do something like this.

It’s free standing so I can put it wherever, and I should be able to get bits of timber like this cheap.

I’ve got a similar situation (albeit only with 4 bikes) but I’m renting and also can’t drill into the walls. Plus all my bike are in my bedroom in my stupidly small unit. At the moment, I’m leaning towards this solution. I can have two bikes on the rack and then the other two on these stands. Might be some things to consider.

column heater?

[QUOTE=el Brado;403999]

Always wondered if the hook on the rim/spokes hurts the bike?

No, hooks are fine. I wrap my wall hooks in a bit of old bar tape or inner tube if the rubber coating tears.


if they do every bike shop in the world is fucked.


Just a bit hesitant to chuck my Lightweights up there, that’s all.

Only problem with something like this is the overriding primal urge to fill everyone of those hooks…

At my old place I kept my bikes on wall hooks. Just make sure the rim and not the spokes are taking the weight - no problem.

I only need to hang 3 bikes in a small space so mine will be much smaller.

this is my home made rack - its made of bikes!

basically cut the rear triangle off 3 (or more)old bikes and thread onto a piece of box steel from bunnings (~$20). You can drill and tap a 6mm hole in the BB to use a grub screw/6mm allen bolt to hold them in place. Then cable tie old tyres on the seat/chain stays to stop scratching.

This is right by the front door at my place. Its on an old rug so don’t have to worry about dirt and stuff. 3 of us use our bikes everyday so its works well.

I don’t have rafters so no easy ceiling mounts. El Brado’s rack option looks good, and no drilling required. One of these is an option: 50 dollar floor rack for 4 bikes but takes up a lot of space.

Maybe i will just wing it and drill a few holes in the wall. Put a decent piece of wood up and mount a few of those hooks. Little floor space required.

If a wheel/rim can’t hold 10 kg’s of bike then It wouldn’t be prudent to ride it.

I meant more that when you place the front wheel on these hooks, there is a tendency for the hook to push upwards on one of the spokes, rather than just the rim.

Is it your place?

You just rotate the wheel so as there is no pressure on the spoke.

Nope. But if i leave and take the bolts out, stick a bit of putty in the holes, no one will ever know. The garage wall is red brick with white paint peeling off everywhere.

I have theseThey work great, are cheap, stable, non permanent. I have them dotted around my house. :slight_smile: