Wanted: Fridge in Melbourne

Hey there,

Unrelated to bikes, but I thought I’d use the power of the forum to ask. :slight_smile:

I’m after a good working fridge for pickup in Melbourne. It needs to be a decent size (ie not a bar fridge, but doesn’t need to be 500+litres either), and I’d be happy to pay good money for it.

I’m moving in a couple of weeks.
Otherwise ebay or trading post for me…

I might be able to help you out. There is currently four big fridges at my place and I’ll see if we can let one go.

PMed thanks george

If only you have asked a week ago! The house three doors down had their old fridge out on the pavement with a sign on it: ‘GOOD BEER FRIDGE’.

Do you need a washer and a dryer as well? :smiley:

Well actually I do!
What have you got? :lol:

I’ll pm you a pic or two and some details…the ‘love and kisses’ has just upgraded the laundry equipment. She now wants a new fridge as well so we have a fridge and small freezer semi-available too if george can’t help.

Thanks CC I’d be very interested. :slight_smile: