WANTED - Ipad or Android App Developer

Kind of want to engage a local app developer so i’m covered by Australian consumer & business law. The faceless cheap labour available via frelancer.com isn’t really what i’m after.

Here is the overview of the brief. I have a full wireframe for anyone experienced who wants to quote me.

App Description
An app for tablet, to be used and mounted at an event, that allows users to record their own video confession, save, then reset for the next user. Videos will be saved locally, and downloadable for editing after the event.

Design of App and graphic design assets to be done by in house and supplied to the developer.

Please email me at reuben.ruiter |at| vice.com

send Nickj a pm, there’s a few app developers at the Electron Workshop in nth Melb.

If you drop into some of the tech co-working spaces around (depending on where you are) and chat to a few people there, likely to be hooked up with someone who can handle it.

For examples…
Melbourne: ( York butter factory, Electron Workshop)
Sydney: Fishburners
Adelaide: Majoran Distillery

Good choice going local too, if you want it to be maintainable in the long term. It’ll cost a little more to start, but we’ve had nothing but headaches whenever we work with code from an O/S developer. It might be an option if you want to get a cheap minimum viable product working to validate the market, but it’d likely be pretty buggy & would probably need re-doing if you wanted to add a few new features.

Sounds like something you could do with Guided Access and Camera.app