wanted to borrow

wanting to borrow white fixie, white deep V rear wheel and white Deep V or aerospoke front.

anyone have one? can pay in beer for borrow for a day. don’t need to ride it, just use it in a photo for the further selling out of the scene.

i can help you out with a white bike and white deep v… give me a holler if you wanna see pics or something.

awesome thanks.

if anyone has a white aerospoke or HED or the like let me know. (may just end up using 2 Deep Vs)

(ps i’m in melb)

Thanks for your honesty :slight_smile:
Be sure to post the results on here won’t you?

i can probably sort something out, my brother rides with white v’s,
my frame is an 09 SE lager, and consequently has decals I can’t remove. I’m pretty happy for it to be stickered though, as I hate the decals, but lack the time to actually do much about it :stuck_out_tongue:

didn’t get the job…

someone undercut my quote. such is life.

i’d still be interested to shoot it at some stage. next week perhaps?

If you were in Adelaide I could’ve got you a white Soma rush with white Deep V’s…