Warmer weather cycling apparel (for n00bs).

which i do a lot

Doesn’t it come with an all natural hair base layer?

Come to think of it both the kit and said chex righteous dudes, all the kids love him.

Pretty much always wear a base layer, track taught me that. From thick thermals up to this right said fred style mesh Pearl Izumi one, I think I have 5 dfferent weights of base layers. Photo at 2009 AAC.

Jesus H Christ, this is the best kit I’ve seen for a very long time. Time to start saving!

now that everyone wants one chux will have to get rid of his…


better in warm weather as its closer to a base layer and is ALL BLACK.

one small pocket on the back means its closer to a ‘ride around town’ jersey than a proper ride jersey.

and countdown til JLN has 3 sets of kit and is organising 100km+ rides each weekend :wink: [like a number of other users on here]

You could look at Icebreaker’s summer range of lightweight merino - I have a couple of their Ts that I use as winter base layers but I’ve also ridden them on 30+ degree days in summer for commutes etc. They are very breathable and dry pretty quick.
They also do some slim fit merino polo shirts which would be fine for riding (for around $a hundy) and useful if you are going to the pub after work on the way home and want something smarter than lycra or a T. You would of course need to pack a comb and make sure your sock length was correct for such an excursion.
Sartorially yours.

Agreed. Need moar moneyz.

This is the way of all things around here…

I don’t understand this statement at all.

I’ve been riding the last week in a smartwool microweight LS top and I’ve been super comfy. Nice fit with no branding but also no pocket.

I can vouch for SWRVE jeans and shorts, also super comfy but I haven’t ridden them in very warm weather.

Sell the ZIPP back to me and buy half the cadence kit.

I bought some creux baggies today as the arse fell out of my other shorts. I like them.

thee are pretty lush

Superlight Jerseys - Vintage Velos

Wow. They look perfect. Chanks.

Gasp! Will this make me ride like Angry?

Only riding like Angry will make you like Angry.

Each morning when I wake up it is a fresh fucking disappointment to me that i was not born Angry.

Just in time: Creux on sale

Support those who support us.

My first one has a couple of years on it now - it’s got a few holes and it’s stretched a little but i expect it to last a couple more years before it dies. At which point I have another identical one in my drawer, still in the packet, unopened. Woolistic jerseys ftw, all year round, all conditions.