Warnie to front TAC Campaign.

Shane Warne, TAC under fire over campaign

feel free to weigh into the idiot gallery/comments section at the end. cyclists are winning btw.


You just couldn’t make that shit up.

I dunno, at least it’s generating some attention - could actually be quite a clever move from a marketing perspective.

In the sense that same thinking bogans might listen to Warnie

any publicity is good publicity.

i’m opposed to anything that puts money in this clown’s pockets

…or wizards sleeves

Here we go: proof positive that the TAC FUCKED UP when appointing Warne as a road safety ambasssador:

From spin king to speed demon: Shane Warne charged in Scotland

Seems that everyone in the world except the TAC knew this was gonna go tits up for them. #dumbshits

mind asplode

Shit just gets better and better.

I tried bike related messages addressed to Shane Warne when this campaign was first announced. Those messages didn’t pass the screening process, maybe this will get through though.

^ Can you incorporate ‘bloody idiot’ somehow?

I see we had similar ideas

"…The TAC has a partnership with the two teams, but not individually with Warne. A TAC spokeswoman said Warne’s speeding charge would not impact on this partnership…“We expect all Victorians to use the road sensibly and obey the rules of the road wherever they are,” she said on Saturday. But it doesn’t have an impact on our relationship with Shane. We have a partnership with the teams, with the Stars and the Renegades…"

TAC has it’s own spin queen, so it seems.

How the fuck does a significant speeding charge not affect this partnership??


I’m guessing yours wasn’t published haha.

The message I wrote the first time around was something like “Dear Shane Warne, please remember the road rules” and that was blocked. Coudln’t see how it violated the terms of use, but whatevz yo.

sydneycyclist.com posted this

–I guess the * is to stop hot linking - but here’s the link to the twitter account. TAC replied to it.

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Further evidence that Warne is a fucking douche:

Warne no legend