Wasabi, anyone?

Stumbled across this on ebay

And a little more trawling found this too.

Fork and head set included here

Anyone got or had any experience with these?
Doesn’t seem like a bad price for a local buy.

Look alright…. But looks aren’t everything.

I returned seat posts to Velogear and they refunded me the full cost (minus the postage) after one email, so their customer service is okay.

Still, it’s a) a nice colour and b) cheaper than doing a conversion (to an extent).

no bidon mounts by the look of things

on velo gear it says “weight: 15 Kg” :expressionless:

look closer… 2.1kg

Inter-thread humour. I like. :smiley:

Yeah I dig.
Odd really because it certainly looks like a fairly lax head angle(ie road orientated).

seat tube looks quite relaxed too, nice long distance cruiser me thinks

Its hard to tell by the pics. They really need to show it build up or at least a 2 dimensional pic of the geo.


wtf. are they using a fork for 27" wheels? looks stoopid.

looked at that too, and with the odds and ends in the shed plus the ommisions I could build a commuter hack for less than $500.
Veery tempting.

Yeah, I’ve got a nice Cro Mo italian 700c fork just beggin to be swapped out, as well as a 105 headset and some Shimano 600 arabesque cranks 165mm.all that shit would suit the lugged frame better methinks.

not wanting to pull an old thread up, but my last thread was locked before i could reply, so i’ll comment here, just wondering did anyone confirm that they are shipping with 27" forks ?

fark these look like my concorde :frowning:

if you’re worried about the forks, why don’t you just order the frame on its own?

because i need forks?

FORKS - 700C - FIXIE/TRACK - * BIKE PARTS * - eBay Universal Parts, Parts, Cycling, Sport. (end time 17-Jun-10 21:16:12 AEST)

Yup there forks allright.

but i dont really want to paint them or get them chromed, and im unlikely to get a decent set of forks finished for $50 the difference between coming with forks and not coming with forks.

if you scavenge around, and are lucky in a tip/recycle shop you may find a complete donor bike with 700c fork that has a steerer lenghth to suit for a fitty.Some other bits off it may be of use on your build also.