Watch Out

Sounds like we are the more collected sex

Does anyone feel like there is a bit of a vendetta since the Beach Road incident.

I’ve had more cases of Road rage directed my way in the last month than I have in my entire life??

I had some scum driving for Spotless cleaning drive his ute into me from behind on Swanston St because I didn’t move totally right after he beeped me.

The fact that we were both moving past three coaches with zero ped visibility was of no concern to this piece of shit.

I have his rego and am so tempted to complain to Spotless… Not that it’d get anywhere.

This was really low-speed and the red light we were approachin made his actions totally absurd as if they weren’t already totally reprihensible… I’d hate to think what would have happened at speed…

Make the complaint

What a Cvnt

He should have not even been there. Also… wtf is it with those buses? Who ever thought that was a good place for them to park was on the “fun snorkel” .

I had some dude jump out of a car to have a go at me a couple weeks back. Just because I was on a bike. The lard ass got back in his car when he realized that physical activity was required.

If you’ve got the stamina for it M!key I reckon you should report it.

Sounds like a hit and run to me - not something to be taken lightly, even though the result wasn’t bad, this time.