Water/rain resistant jackets for cycling?

I’ve already used the search function.

I’ve spoken to a few people and couriers to see what they use to try and keep dry when it’s wet.
Mudguards are optimal I know but I’m thinking more of a jacket.
Can anyone recommend something and where to get them please?


If it’s to actually stay dry on a commute and with work/street clothes underneath I’d say go for a rain cape or poncho. There’s a few different types … look up Vaude Valdipino or Carradice Duxback.

Most people don’t like the way they look and for that reason don’t know what they’re missing out on.

I have one of these…

Snowgum Australia :: Landara WindTEC® Jacket

They’re just a shell, but waterproof, windproof and breathable. You can wear it over a jersey and you don’t get hot and sweaty.
Mine is a cycling cut from a couple of years ago, so longer at the back.
They only come in black, so in winter, when it’s darker, I chuck a fluoro vest over the top for safety when commuting…

Probikekit.com | Mens Waterproof Jackets
heres a few i was looking at

Spirito would you buy the cape from this site?
Valdipino Poncho - Waterproof bike poncho- VAUDE - The Spirtit of Mountain Sports

Any decent shower proof, warmish cycling jackets that have hi-vis / reflective stripes on them? I’d like something semi-normal looking (so I can wear it off the bike and look normal at say, the pub), but has some reflective strips on the front and back. I don’t mind if it’s black or dark grey.

Edit: PBK seem to have what I’m looking fork.

there’s some info here. http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/t17317/
Prawza knows what he’s talking about too

What size did you buy and how big are you mate?
I’m 85kg and 6’ tall so I was think maybe a X-LGE?

haha awesome we have a thread where people are gonna start wearing capes!
Post pics as results!

beyond parkway jacket
i have one of these they are fully water and wind resistant. they are pretty casual looking too so you could wear it anywhere really. the hood fold up in the neck line too

Also have a look at these from SWRVE SWRVE | Milwaukee ES hoodie : mid-weight softshell
I’ve had mine for over a year now and it’s great for anything other than a downpour.

Azz, for 9 months of the year it is too hot to wear a rain jacket in Brisbane. Even if you manage to keep the rain out, you’ll arrive in a pool of sweat with the majority of rain jackets anyway. I got a DHB jacket from wiggle and must say it is the goods for training and ok for commuting. I wore it in the pouring rain of the recent werewolves ride and while I wasn’t bone dry I was kept warm and relatively comfortable. It breathes damn well, and I wore it in March without sweating up too badly.

Stella Brella - Online Store of Unique Quality Umbrellas

^suit you to a “T” Azz


I really want to shag you N8! So badly it hurts!

I’ve always wanted a good quality Gore Tex jacket…

in all seriousness… I’ve a full gore-tex jacket for when it’ws really bucketing down (Kathmandu I think). It has to be fuking freezing to wear it though since breathability is about zero. Majority of the time I just layer things with a water-risistant gillet and no-rain arm warmers from either Sportful or Castelli - neither of which are waterproof, but most of the water beads off and they still breathe.

As Antmandan noted, it really doesn’t get cold enough up here to worry about it.

I meant to write a review of the endura ptfe jacket that i have. I reckon it breathes better than goretex, will take any downpour without a problem and best of all, the rear pocket water proof and is big enough for:
lezyne road pump
spare tube
security pass
t shirt

and my phone goes in the front pocket which has a watergate zip. I dont need to take a backpack when i commute with it on. until i realised that, it would have rated it an 8 out of ten, but now its more a 9. it could be more breathable, of course. I wear it all the time off the bike, it has a nice narrow cut to it. I think i got mine from CRC or wiggle. Endura stuff is really great. I love the idea of a cape but they arent so good for running and too many jackets starts to get ridic.

JP, this one:

Endura Flyte Jacket | Buy Online | ChainReactionCycles.com


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