Waterbottle mounting question

this may be a dumb question but i was always told there’s no such thing as dumb questions, just dumb people…

so my bike doesn’t have any provision for bolting a bottle bracket onto the main tube, are there any other options to carry a bottle? it’s for my commuter and i’m a bit reluctant to put one of those seat mounted tri bottle holders, they look a little dicky and i like the clean look of my bike.

any ideas?

If its for a commute that’s under say 3/4s of an hour have a drink before you leave :-D.

Otherwise my mate and I used to shove a bottle in the back pockets of our cycle jerseys when we used to train on the fixies - used to work fine.

zip ties or steel hoseclamps could be used to attach a bottle cage
just be careful when tightening hose clamps if you have some ultra thin u-beaut tubes

You used to be able to but special brackets that wrap around and clamp onto the down tube. Similar to those used for down tube shifters. Check your LBS maybe?

yeah that’s what my bike shop reckons, i dont 'wear a jersey on the way home though, just my work shirt, i could just harden up a bit. yes it’s only 13k’s, 1/2hr ride for me so that could work. i’m just thinking for summer where it gets pretty hot out where i am.

might look out for those at the bike shop. thanks for the tips blokes.

My friend has a water bottle holder with brackets he got for his Claude Butler. I think it was an ebay job.

Just use hose clamps with a bit of bike tube underneath to protect your frame. Works a treat and got me from Sydney to Melbourne on a Bianchi Pista fine.

There are lots of clamp on style carriers. I’m sure I’ve seen them in Abbotsford Cycles.
Then again, it’s just a commute not Melb-Warny. :wink:

I reckon the seat mount one would look better than a clamp-on frame one. Eww.

Ask a triathlete a silly question…




Got this in the States - www.twofish.biz. No idea if available in Oz.

I agree. I think some of them are totally sweet. Someone (I thought Profile but i can’t find it on their site) makes a dual bidon, seat mounted affair with a integrated CO2 pump. Looks like some sort of crazy nitrous injection system.

Depending on what your frame is made of, talk to abbotsford about tapping your tubing for a cage mount.

Is that some sort of proprietary ability?

Can’t be that much of a commute if you’re still wearing your work shirt!

Backpack with a hydration bladder.

I have one of the Minoura seat mounts that will take 2 bottle cages that I am prepared to part with for a small consideration, which IMO was much less ugly than a hose-clips-on-the-down-tube job.

i dont’ get it.

I think he means real commuters don’t wear work shirts, they wear fluoro vests and cable-tie-helmets.

ha ha lol! gotcha. well i work at the raaf base so it’s just a filthy old polo shirt anyways, i do wear a fluoro vest but that’s only in the mornings cos i start very early. i was so tempted to to do the zip tie thing this year, f-ing magpies!

I reckon you should get some of those old school aluminium bottles and brackets that mount them on the front of the handlebars. Then you could fill them with cognac old school style.