Waterproof Vans.




To accompany their collaborative snowboard boot, Vans and Airblaster got together on a water resistant Era. The “Stay Wild” Era features an all-black upper with a bright pink top eyelet and teal lining alongside Airblaster logo placements. Perfect for those slushy days in the parking lot. Now available at Vans snowboarding retailers.

never knew vans did snow gear

all waterproof

the full kit

pffft vans… Aussie pride comes in the form of dunlop volleys and a can of that waterproofing spray with the duck on it.

all black? looks brown

but i do like the look of them. i still couldnt find any fixie vans in stores. nor can i find any pictures/mention of my limited edition social distortion old skools on the entire internet

wish they could make the waffle grip still sticky on a wet day.
Im sick of smashing my shins.

Shoes look good though (total sucker for vans)

General pants are stocking these, we should be getting them in stock soon!

I still wish they made a waterproof pair. Shoes are water-resistant as they are.

Dunlop x SympaTex would be SO good.

so they don’t get ruined in the dunny at Section 8? :roll:

maybe some people ride in the rain? :roll: :roll:

Sorry, I didn’t know the Vans crew did that. My mistake :smiley: .

if you ride with these in the rain, your socks will get wet and water will wick down into your shoes anyway, unless you’re wearing waterproof socks.

i ride in the rain and wear vans.

they are so gross and stinky and mushy they live outside.