Wayne Kotzur custom MAX pursuit

Wayne Kotzur Custom Fillet Brazed Pursuit Columbus MAX Track Frame fixed gear | eBay

This is mine, bid often, bid high

God damn!

Wow, good luck man. Recon you’ll get some stiff competition on this one.

Is that the one I posted the bike Exchange ad for and your brother picked up?

Looks sweet

Should update that ad with a centre-top measurement duder.

purdy… hope u get what its worth!

Very nice! But soooooooooooo small!!!

It was custom built for a dude who is 6 foot 3, he rode pursuits on it many years ago!

really?! how much post was he running??? I’m 5’11, and still ran over 6" of post on my old pursuit and that was 60cm c-t… I have long legs though!

Having proper pursuit bars would make a big difference too I guess!

No idea, it wasn’t built up when we picked it up

Right back on the bottom of the second page?! After 4 days damn - Bump it up!

This thing is rad. Someone should definately buy it.

on it…


Would you post to New Zealand??

For sure!

Rad. Any idea on price?

Do want. Will be jealous of whom ever grabs this! Amazing.

Just had a frame shipped from NZ and it cost me $45, so let’s say that for price

Oh rookie mistake. Thought it closed in 5 days not 5 hours.

Keen to see it built up!

hah! was wondering if everyone was asleep…